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"The Invitation in Seven Panels"


At the very beginning, God created everything—the universe, earth, the land and sky and seas and all the living creatures in them—and all of it was grand and glorious and very, very good.

The human beings God appointed to care for his world wanted to rule for their own gain, but their greed and grasping instead ushered in brokenness and sorrow and death.


God was grieved by their revolt and sent his own Son, Jesus, to rescue them, pouring out his life to restore their broken fellowship with the Father.

With an intensity of life more powerful than the grave, he radiates the light and love of God into the farthest corners of our darkness.


God sends his Spirit, ardent as fire and free as the wind, to kindle new life in all who believe and trust Him.

Jesus’ people are organically joined to their Maker, drawing sustenance from him for joyful, fruitful life together.


The grand finale will come when Jesus’ people celebrate endlessly their perfect restoration in oneness with him through the Spirit’s power and the Father’s love!


"The Invitation in Seven Panels"

L. Bennighof



4'x6' each

The artist was inspired by Charles Spurgeon's wordless book concept and Matisse's Polynesian Sky.​

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